We recommend that all of our patients, especially first time moms, take some form of childbirth education. Child birth education will educate you and you partner so you have a better understanding of your care. Childbirth education is beneficial for everyone, whether you are planning a natural birth or an epidural.

Birth and Beyond

Designed for the Physicians and Midwives Collaborative Practice. Taught by Certified Childbirth Educators who have worked at Inova Alexandria.

The Six Class package includes: Physiological and psychological labor and delivery, breathing and relaxation, comfort measure, role of the support person, medical interventions, medications and anesthesia, epidurals, cesarean delivery, postpartum care, baby basics, beginning breastfeedingThey also offer a child birth intensive class (2 classes, 2.5 hours each), planned cesarean section class (1 class, 2 hours), Prepared Childbirth Education (4 classes, 2 hours each)

Registration starts at 20 weeks. Classes are during your 7th and 8th month. Most classes held 7pm-9pm at the Alexandria office.

For availability and pricing: Contact Liz at 703-451-5227 or childbirthprep@verizon.net

Inova Childbirth Education

For schedules and pricing, please visit: www.inovahealthsource.org/childbirth-education

  • Childbirth preparation: 4 class sessions, 3 hours each
  • Childbirth express: 1 class session, 6 hours long OR 2 class sessions, 3 hours each Cost
  • Birth e-class
  • Baby care: 1 class session, 3 hours long
  • Breastfeeding: class session, 3 hours long
  • Sibling class: 1 class session, 1 hour long
  • 9 months in 90 minutes: 1 day seminar consisting of 90 minute express versions of our 3 most popular classes including: Baby Care, Childbirth Preparation and Breastfeeding.

Inova Alexandria Hospital Tours

Offered at no cost by Inova Alexandria. This is not considered childbirth education, it is simply a tour of the hospital which focuses on the labor and delivery and the postpartum unit. www.inova.org/health-info-and-classes/classes/index.jsp

Hospital Registration


It is recommended you register 60 days before your due date

If you prefer a paper form, please let the office know.

Birth Preference List

It is not necessary to make a birth plan, but if you would like to do this exercise, it should include information about you, your partner, and your wishes or preferences. We have a Sample Birth Plan that lists most of the desires our moms usually express.

We ultimately strive for a safe and healthy mom and baby.

For most uncomplicated pregnancies:

  • Intermittent auscultation is used
  • You will be allowed to change positions and ambulate
  • All patients will have IV access (a saline lock is placed) but it doesn’t mean you need to be hooked up to fluids
  • None of the midwives routinely cut episiotomies
  • Feel free to keep the lights dim during labor
  • You can bring your own music
  • Our hospital does not have tubs, however, showers are available if your midwife says it is safe for you and the baby

Of course, if there is any concern about the well being of you or your baby, we will create a new plan of care that may or may not include what was mentioned above.