Congratulations and Welcome to Physicians & Midwives.

We have developed this app just for you, to help guide you through your pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum period. It answers many of the questions you will encounter and will assist in preparing you for the upcoming changes in your life.

We call our app a Passport because in a way you are on a journey of exploration and transformation from which you will emerge changed forever. We encourage you to use our Passport to answer many of the questions that you may have and serve as a springboard for your further education.

The app is extremely interactive. Therefore, once you login your specific pregnancy the app will provide weekly updates, allow a place to log your appointments and questions, and have task lists to complete which will help keep you on track with all of the events leading up to your baby’s birth. Just tab on the + section in the “My baby” section to access this section.

In the end, we wish to serve you well and believe that education is the single best thing that we can offer.

David Giammittorio, MD, FACOG
The Physician and Midwife Collaborative Practice